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Good businesses invest in quality strategies and plans; great ones invest in quality people. At Smicolon, we have both.

You can't manage what you can't measure. At Smicolon, we have golden minds whose analysis is backed up by precise data, reports, and statistics.

Collective experience of 30+years in the IT and marketing fields.













Leadership team

Mohamed Hussein
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Mohamed Hussein


Mohamed is a serial entrepreneur and software engineer with over 11 years of experience in founding and managing tech start-ups and development teams. His journey began with the age of 19 when he released his first business idea KAWKB: a 3D augmented reality platform. Going onto founding 1UNi, a SaaS-enabled marketplace powered by AI, helping students to match with top Universities in 2018. In addition, Mohamed discovered his love for 1s and 0s. With enthusiasm for how to create whole universes out of nowhere, Mohamed has several years of extensive expertise in coding, including but not exclusive to Python, JavaScript, Node and Java such as its frameworks (Django, Vue,React, Nuxt, Next, and Spring). . His hallmarks are driving business through imaginative and creative solutions in software, education and media across Europe, the Middle East and APAC.

Anders T. Nordlund


Anders T. Nordlund is a Sales Optimizer and Digital Marketing Geek with over 10 years of experience in driving growth for B2B and B2C businesses worldwide. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Anders holds a Digital Marketing Degree from KEA (Copenhagen School of Design and Technology) and is a Certified Google Partner. Combining his expertise in sales and digital marketing, Anders focuses on optimizing all areas of a business's online presence and educating executive-level decision-makers. His approach ensures businesses achieve their sales goals by setting the right intentions, finding the purpose for online marketing and sales efforts, and impacting the target audience's decisions and actions. With a strong track record in sales and digital marketing, Anders guarantees improved conversion rates and increased revenue for clients.

Anders T. Nordlund
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The Talent World

Smicolon offers you first-class talents from all over the world. Professional, fast and affordable.

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