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Transforming Higher Education: Empowering Students & Universities
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Brief Summary

1UNi is an AI-powered SaaS marketplace designed to simplify the process of matching students with the perfect programs and facilitating seamless applications to top-tier universities.

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  • Web Development
  • MVP Development
  • Application Management
  • Data, Analytics & Insights
  • Testing & QA
Challenge Overview

Student problems

  • Challenges of Student Choice Gap between student interest and enrollment in Malaysian universities.
  • Navigating the Information Maze Lack of guided aid and structured information for interested students.
  • Enhancing Information Quality and Accessibility Absence of reliable and consolidated information about Malaysian higher education institutes.
Challenge Overview

University problems

  • Access and accuracy issues Limited accessibility and accurate information about their programs.

  • Connection and information challenges Difficulty in connecting with students lacking complete information.

  • Streamlining the enrollment process Need for a platform to streamline the enrollment process.

  • Managing the application overload Time consumption and expenses of the overwhelming number of applications.


Introducing 1UNi, our comprehensive platform connecting students, universities, and agents. Our goal is to streamline the university search and application process for students, while also providing a marketplace for agents to purchase leads. Here are our solutions:
  • 1UNI.NET A comprehensive platform with 3,000+ courses and 120+ universities in Malaysia. Students search, compare, and apply in one place. Personalized counselling and streamlined applications through direct connections with counsellors.
  • CRAFTING 1UNI.NET Our user-centric platform presents essential information in one place, with simple processes and an appealing design. Users customize search results, filter data, and effortlessly explore study options to make informed decisions.
  • AI & AUTOMATION INTEGRATION AI &. Automation Integration: Our system, Student Digital Body Language (SDBL), analyzes student behavior and actions to provide AI-validated candidates. This personalization enhances user experience and streamlines the process for universities and agents.
These solutions aim to address the needs and concerns of all stakeholders (students, Education counselors, and universities) by providing a secure, transparent, and efficient platform to streamline the university application process.
  • We use Angular JS and JS for the frontend, which provide us with a dynamic and interactive user interface.
  • We use Node.js, MongoDB and Java for the backend, which allow us to handle complex data processing and business logic.
  • We use Docker and CircleCI for the DevOps, which help us to automate our deployment and testing processes.

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