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Elevating The Digital Landscape: A Customized Web Solution for a Software Development Powerhouse
London, England

Brief Summary

Piamotech offers diverse software development services. Their expertise includes custom software development, mobile app development, web development, e-commerce solutions, enterprise software solutions, cloud-based services, and software maintenance and support.

provided in this project

Smicolon offer diverse outsourcing solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs, from routine administrative tasks to complex process execution. With over two decades of experience as a leading outsourcing provider.
  • Web Development
  • Application Management
  • UX/UI Design
  • Testing & QA
  • IT Consulting
Challenge Overview

Piamotech problems

  • Piamotech, recognizing the need to establish a strong online presence, decided to partner with us.
  • With limited in-house expertise and resources, Piamotech entrusted us with the crucial task of creating their website, developing compelling content, designing an aesthetically pleasing interface, and crafting a cohesive corporate identity.
  • Piamotech also required an efficient admin dashboard to streamline their business operations and showcase their software development expertise.


The solution provided by Smicolon to address Piamotech’s needs included
  • Website Development We took charge of developing a fully functional and visually appealing website for Piamotech. They utilized their expertise in web development to create a user-friendly interface and ensure smooth navigation.
  • Content Creation We worked closely with Piamotech to develop engaging and informative content that effectively communicated Piamotech’s services and value proposition. This involved understanding Piamotech’s unique offerings and tailoring the content to resonate with their target audience.
  • UX/UI Design Captivating the audience was a key focus for us. We leverage our expertise in UX/UI design to create exquisite usercentric designs that blend visual appeal and usability, resulting in unforgettable user experience.
  • Corporate Identity We helped Piamotech establish a consistent and recognizable corporate identity. This involved designing a logo, selecting appropriate color schemes and fonts, and ensuring visual consistency throughout the website.
  • Admin Dashboard Developing a user-friendly admin dashboard to optimize their internal processes and overall management.
By providing a comprehensive solution encompassing website development, content creation, design, and corporate identity establishment,We enabled Piamotech to have a professional online presence that effectively showcased their services and represented their brand.
  • We use Vue.js for the frontend, which provide us with a dynamic and interactive user interface.
  • We use Python for the backend, which allow us to handle complex data processing and business logic.
  • We use Docker and CircleCI for the DevOps, which help us to automate our deployment and testing processes.

Project Snaps