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Brief Summary

Efficiently manage your entire business operations from a single, centralized platform, significantly reducing the time spent on administrative task.

provided in this project

Using our knowledge and expertise we take care of your end-to-end application journey, from build through to support, maintenance and enhancement, blending ITIL-focused service management with Cloud and modern software development.
  • Web Development
  • MVP Development
  • Application Management
  • Data, Analytics & Insights
  • Testing & QA
Challenge Overview

Salesminded problems

  • SalesMinded, a subsidiary, offers a comprehensive online business suite for SMEs to streamline operations. Their Core Business Operation Suite (CBOS) provides easy-to-use solutions for HR, sales, system management, and financial reporting.
SalesMinded operates in Southeast Asia and sought the expertise of software consultants for development. They faced challenges impacting effectiveness and adoption rate during the development journey

  • 1. Adoption and ease of use: Businesses are experiencing difficulties adopting the new system and training their employees to use it effectively.
  • 2. Integration with existing systems: SalesMinded’s platform is facing challenges in seamlessly integrating with the multiple tools and software solutions used by businesses.
  • 3. Customization and scalability: The one-size-fits-all approach of SalesMinded is not meeting the unique requirements of different businesses.
  • 4. Data security and privacy: With increasing concerns over data security and privacy, businesses are hesitant to trust SalesMinded with their sensitive financial and customer information.


We built a scalable system using Django, a stable Python framework. The platform is future-proof, accommodating growth and increased website traffic. It includes stand-alone services (sales, finance, dashboard reports, HR) and integrated solutions (Google Calendar + SalesMinded). Workflows are streamlined with a business dashboard and integration with external systems. Solutions were implemented to address SalesMinded's challenges.
  • For adoption and ease of use Provide training materials, video tutorials, and dedicated customer support to help businesses transition smoothly to the platform while ensuring an intuitive interface and continuous user experience improvements.
  • For integration with existing systems Develop and maintain a robust API Hub that enables seamless integration with various popular tools and software systems, ensuring compatibility with commonly used software.
  • For customization and scalability Offer customizable modules that allow businesses to tailor the platform to their specific needs, and ensure the platform is scalable to accommodate a company’s growth.
  • For data security and privacy Invest in robust security measures such as encryption, access controls, and regular security audits, while complying with relevant data protection regulations and certifications to build trust with potential clients.
  • We use Python, Django for the Backend,which allow us to handle complex data processing and business logic.
  • We use JS, Vue.js for the frontend, which provide us with a dynamic and interactive user interface.
  • We use Docker and CircleCI for the DevOps, which help us to automate our deployment and testing processes.

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